Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween folks. 
Halloween isn't a theme that you'd traditionally associate with weddings, but you'd be surprised...

The ladies at Papeterie Crafts have been asked to design a few Halloween themed wedding stationery packages including these two ranges, they just love a challenge.... 

Being a Make Up Artist, Gosia Weiss is certainly the best person to ask when it comes to spooky make up. Of course everyone knows Sugar Skulls are not just for Halloween ;)

Janyne has a fabulous range of Autumn colour hats, including this beauty for guests, Mother of the Bride/Groom 

And it wouldn't be Halloween without a pumpkin or two, aren't these cakes from Cake That And Party just fabulous?

 Emma from Cake That and Party said "I love Halloween, I always have! But I've never been asked to make Halloween cakes - until this year! One is a full size pumpkin for a special birthday on Halloween and they're having a fund raising dinner at Eat on the Green and the other cake is for twins, whose 1st birthday is on Halloween"

Happy Halloween Folks 👻