Friday, 25 November 2016

Winter Brides Hairstyles - What's Hot!

Today we are joined by Marianne from Hair - Marianne Gibb, she has a few suggestions for hair-ups for Winter Brides ......

Winter Brides brrrrr!

After booking our own wedding for December, I'm thinking about the weather mainly - will it be dry, wet or snowing etc.
Well, when it comes to hair, my professional opinion on how to make sure the style will be OK, no matter what the weather, is KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Something up and smooth? There is a huge variety of hairstyles out there but I write to you with my personal choices and how you can jazz them up for that wintry feeling.
How about a low classic and beautifully elegant chignon as pictured below?

This style is normally created with a lot of back combing or padding which gives it extra structure to cope with the North East gales, adding a plait over the top will give some decoration, or you could pop snowflake pins in the hair or even wrap a pretty mistletoe vine around where the plait is placed.
How about a high bun with a few loose curls this is shown on a flower girl in the photo, there again could be holly, snowflakes etc pinned in to the style.

The thing I love most about these two styles is that if you're going for a fur collar, jacket or cardigan to keep you warm at least your 'do' is out of the way as well. They are simple yet very effective, can be decorated in different ways so not for Winter, but they're my favourites.