Wednesday, 22 February 2017

TLWB Wedding Fayre - guest blogger

We have a guest blogger today with a run down of our successful wedding fayre on Sunday, please welcome Audrey who is studying Event Management at RGU......

Happily Ever After

/!\ Warning: This is the unbiased Point of View of a 1st year University student who happened to have the chance of taking part in this event! /!\

No love story would be complete if it wasn’t for a shiny, lovely wedding. This is the first day of the rest of your lives!

Yesterday was finally the big day for all couples looking for help to get the perfect wedding as the long-awaited Wedding Fayre was held in Elphinstone Hall in the University of Aberdeen. It was an opportunity for them to engage with their eventual future florist, or maybe for the bride to meet the one who will be styling her hair or doing her makeup to transform her into a real princess.

As someone who took part in this event, I would like to share this day with you, for those who may have missed it, or those wanting to reminisce it!
And I believe there is no better way to share it with you than showing it to you!

The Wedding Fayre took place in Elphinstone Hall, an absolutely gorgeous building in the University of Aberdeen.

The stage was set up to match the theme of the day, and music was playing to enlighten the mood!

If you were looking for someone to help you through the planning of your wedding, 
Taylor Made Events was here!

The Papeterie was present to make sure you got the right wedding invitations that matched your tastes and needs!

If like me, you never have an idea what to do with your hair, no worries! The talented Marianne Gibb Hair was also here!

Obviously, there is no such thing as a wedding where no one dances, and I was excited to see the stand of ‘A Dance to remember’!

People looking for a cute, vintage themed wedding could also find their happiness here!

And Gosia Weiss was also here with demos to show the excited brides what kind of makeup look she could give them on their special day!

I was also enchanted by the beautiful flower arrangements.

But let’s be honest, okay? Here is the one stand that got me REALLY excited. I mean, look at these cakes! Not only could couples have a look for their future wedding cake, they could also taste some of the adorable tasters. I’m not a man, but the way to my heart definitely is through my stomach.

Alba Bagpipes was there and did several demonstrations through the day! As a foreign student, it was a real excitement for me to meet a bagpiper and hear one! This definitely made me want to have a Scottish wedding!

Sillysnapz was also present to give everyone a chance to try their Photobooth and to go home with some tangible memories in hand.

Tables were also beautifully set to give the couples an idea of what kind of set up existed…

…and more! There were many more suppliers ready to help the couples get their dream wedding!

Last but not least, all visitors got an entry into a Raffle that had some very exciting prizes!

Overall, it was a really good event with exciting opportunities and a charming venue! Thank you to all the people who came and took part in it, as well as to the exhibitors!